But today even when i proved how they cheated me but they still ignored me….how am I disappointed !!!!!!

The casino online with fun88 I used to play is Royal Palace

2. The game results came out were totally different in same game same table same casino. see how the Player doing…only 2 players on a line .

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Maybe Im too addicted to the casino so even i knew they sometimes cheated me but i still playing with them. The table in between. What made me so much dissapointed is the way they responsed me when I sent to them all the pictures that i got. Pictures taken both my mobile device and my P.C. My screen  capture on mobile device



3. Please be careful with them casino online  fun88, if you willing to throw away your money then go ahead as I did.

Casino online fun88


The day I was lucky to capture my mobile screen where I used to bet on the baccarat game and at the same time took a shot on my P.C screen. Compare with above picture and see

I was a player of this online casino fun88 but from now on I will stop playing. They avoided to talk about what showing on pictures and just focus on how my bets..blah…blah….

1. See how the player going…4players in a line

. There were many times I found that they cheating but I had no evidence or the evidences not clear to prove.

2014-11-29 12.11.28

2014-11-29 00.35.59



I knew they would try to find excuses and will never accept that they cheats us-players.



Here are pictures I got the day so you could check. Picture I took from the mobile device at the baccarat game lobby. OMG..fun88..Actually I was not much surprised about because I saw this happened before

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