The Gunners won m88 today ! courtesy of a generous winner by Palace player Delaney lol

That said, I said Chelsea would SUCCESSFULY defend the M88 Premier League Title and I stand by my claims.

A true mark of m88 champions is how they bounce back from big setbacks early on in the season. .

M88 City were on steroids today , Chelsea couldn’t handle their eagerness and Aguero was a fecking livewire – Sterling was causing mayhem with his runs and Ivanovic forgot to take off his robe and slippers and put m88 on his chelski kit for the game lol

City fecking CRUSHED them :-D

he even had the nerve to talk down City’s win, Jose, by labelling it a ‘fake m88 victory’. But one thing that definetely WON’T happen is Manure challenging for the title. lol.

trust me – long way to go yet.

Chelsea are capable of bouncing back though. People will look back at this point in the season 30 m88 games from now and will be like ‘and we all said Chelsea were finished…lol’

City though will need to keep this going and bring back the fear factor they had from 2 seasons ago when they were simply demolishing sides for fun, even a 100+ goal scoring LFC were unable to stop them from winning the m88 league….the pressure to win it when City are in that kind of mood is colossal. Anything can happen.

They must not let this 3-0 beating bother them and they must play their own game – as Jose said, he knows his maths and theres 36 games still left to and plenty of points to take from 36 games to win the m88 league.

either way its good to see them off to a poor start to their title defence

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Leslie S. Griffith

Leslie S. Griffith

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